The purpose of this website is to serve as the hub for William Brust’s professional endeavors in the fields of nonprofit work and fantastical fiction.

Mission Statement

To bring joy to others through acts of service and creative storytelling.


  • Joy: William has a gift for bringing joy to others. He instills his writing with passion and energy to communicate this joy.
  • Service: Excellence in service is a top priority. William provides grant-writing, research, and data management services to the nonprofit field.
  • Creativity: There is no thrill quite like making something new. Whether it be the physical construction of costumes or assembling LEGO or model kits or the more intellectual pursuits of writing for nonprofits or composing thrilling tales of fantasy, William loves to exercise his creative muscles.
For updates on his work, check out his newsletter at mrwbrust.substack.com. Updates on the 1st and 15th of every month.