Bubblegum-Man Update

Hey folks. In addition to fantasy novels and non-profit work, I also create webcomics. That’s right. Three specialties. Because why make life easy?

Bubblegum-Man is the story of a guy named Chris Xavier whose quest to rid himself of diabetes leads to him getting transformed by science into living candy. Now operating as “Bubblegum-Man,” Chris patrols the city of Atlanta, battling mutants, clones, and even a giant Nazi.

Thankfully, Bubblegum-Man does not walk alone. His friends include an immortal Spaniard, a mad scientist, and a tween in power armor. But will their combined might be enough to withstand the alien Archon invasion?

The first five issues are currently being published online here, but I also update on Tapas and Webtoon.

Pre-orders on the printed collection of the first story arc will be available soon.

Published by William

Author in Atlanta, Georgia. I like going on adventures and eating pizza.

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