Bubblegum-Man News

Good news! I registered “Bubblegum-Man Adventures Vol. 1” for its own copyright. Probably unnecessary, but I feel it was a smart move. Now I feel much more comfortable putting my work out there, especially with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Pre-orders for the ebook will be available soon, but first I need to save up for the ISBN.

I know, right?

But oh boy! Registering for copyright online can be tricky. If you make a mistake on the application then want to go back after hitting submit? You totally can without paying twice. Which I did not know. Thankfully, I called the Library of Congress and was able to get an email address to get the problem resolved. Basically, I made a duplicate payment because I’d listed “Bubblegum-Man” under Not Previously Published when any idiot could see it has been online. I made a goof. That’ll teach me to go on government websites before lunch…

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Author in Atlanta, Georgia. I like going on adventures and eating pizza.

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