I’ve been telling stories and making comics since before I knew what comics were. Nothing makes me happier than taking a character on a journey of discovery in a strange world filled with danger and delight. 

My current fantasy novel, The Tang of Fate, is being shopped to agents.

The Tang of Fate is about a farm girl whose quest for revenge against an evil sorcerer leads to the awakening of an ancient evil which must be defeated to restore peace to the kingdom. A rollicking tale of high adventure, perfect for young adults and the young at heart.

I’m also the creator of Bubblegum-Man, a webcomic featuring the world’s stickiest superhero. Chris Xavier was an ordinary diabetic young man until he was transformed by science into living candy. Now, together with an immortal Spaniard, a mad scientist, and a tween in power-armor, he must defend the city of Atlanta from all manner of alien threats.

The story is currently complete at 5 issues and 100 pages of story and can be viewed on the official website, on Tapas, and on Webtoon.

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